Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Step by Step

(Why can I not write that title without hearing New Kids on the Block playing in my head? Oh great. Now it's not going away. Oooooh, babaaay. Gonna get to you girrrrrl!)

Focus! Why did I log in here again? Oh right. To post some photos. Apparently Eric is sick and tired of looking at the picture of the blond kid with his pool noodles, so I'm going to spare his precious retinas and post some other images for your (and his) viewing pleasure.

We went in the pool for the first time on Saturday! It. Was. Freezing!

We finished landscaping along one edge of the pool. 
The lights look awesome when they're turned out at night.

My friend Sara came over on Saturday and helped me to set 
some of the walkway stones. Thanks, Sara!

It was intimidating-slash-depressing to see how long it took us to do this one section of the walkway. I hope I'll be able to finish it before our pool party on Memorial Day weekend!

Check out the garden photo album to see the latest garden photos. I noticed last night that one of the strawberries has turned red already!!! So very exciting! Tonight Eric finished putting up some trellises to cover up the pool pump and air conditioning unit, along with a small raised garden bed in front of it. We filled it with the leftover dirt from last year's garden and I immediately planted a few cucumber seeds and a bunch of sugar snap peas. Can't wait to see how that works out...Stay tuned. We may have a cucumber coup on our hands in a few months.


Manina said...

The pool looks heavenly with water in it!!! :) A few of these 85+ degree days and it will be warmer water in no time.

Christina said...

So pretty! Can't wait to take a dip! It must be fun for you and Ric to be sooo close to the end! All your hard work has paid off!

Andrea, Matt, and Chloe said...

It looks great!