Sunday, December 20, 2009


The problem with saying "I'll post ___ tomorrow!" is that when you don't end up posting it until like 6 weeks later, you feel like a giant dummy. So that's the last time I'll make a promise like that!

Picture of the pool with concrete decking in place...finally:

I put the lounge chair out for scale.
Here you can see the decking in the deep end.

And since then, it has snowed twice! That's practically unheard of for this area. The first snow was on December 9 and we enjoyed it by sitting in our hot tub while the snow fell, drinking mimosas! It was heaven.


We were very excited with this amount of snow - but now it seems laughable after the storm we had this weekend!

 We got about 2 feet of snow between Friday night and this morning (Sunday).

We went in the hot tub again and then Eric even got into the pool!

May I repeat: Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Of course, in the past 6 weeks since I last posted, I also did a wee bit o' cooking.

This is a Pumpkin Cranberry Spice Cake, recipe courtesy of the Washington Post Express newspaper. It was pretty delicious, but I shouldn't have made it without having a larger audience for it. I think Eric and I were both totally sick of it by the time we finished it off a week later. (Not to mention, leftovers shouldn't sit around that long, should they??)

I also made my first pork tenderloin - the recipe (big surprise) was from Real Simple. It was Fennel-Crusted Pork Loin With Roasted Potatoes and Pears. The pork turned out to be quite flavorless and dry though - I think because the pork was two pieces and I used fennel powder instead of crushing whole fennel seeds. The pears were absolutely fantastic, though!

Eric made homemade stuffing to go with it!

And such have been the adventures at our house for the last few weeks...(Boy, this blog is boring!) The pool only needs to be finished off with plaster now, but we're waiting until the spring for that. We were supposed to have a landscape design consultant come over yesterday but she couldn't because of the snow. So until we have any news on that front, I guess I'll only be posting cooking photos for the next couple months! Oh boy.

Happy Holidays!