Monday, November 9, 2009


This morning Eric was not-so-delightfully surprised to come home from walking the dogs (yes, plural - we're dogsitting for my mom's dog!) to find construction vehicles parked in front of our house.

We had told the pool guy (PG) to have the concrete decking guy call us before doing any construction so that we could make sure to be home to supervise...However, PG failed to give the concrete guy our phone number and then left town on vacation. So the concrete guy and his crew showed up this morning and were planning on just constructing the concrete decking based on the plan that PG had given him. The plan that PG drew up as a sample for us and had never updated after we said "change this, this, and this".

If the concrete guys would've shown up just one hour later, we would've come home today to a pool with completely wrong concrete decking.

Here are pictures of the progress they've made so far. I can hardly believe that by the time I get home from work today, it's going to be finished!

Here's an outline of the decking around the deep end.

There will be a step up from the walkway that leads into the back of the house.

The area where the guy is walking with the wheelbarrow is going to be the sitting area.

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow of the finished product! (Well, finished decking.) After this, we'll just be waiting for the spring when they'll spray the plaster finish and fill this bad boy up!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


...on two fronts!

Both the pool and my mad baking skillz have progressed this week! Can I get a "woop woop"?!?

(I am such a dork.)

No, but seriously - look!

Ooh, doesn't that just make you want to go grab your bikini?

Decorative tiles in the loveseat; 
the spaces in between will be filled in with plaster in the spring.

Decorative tiles on the stairs, too...
Looks a bit strange now but should be pretty once there's plaster (and water) in the pool!

This all happened on 7:30 in the morning. We weren't thrilled about being woken up that early (Tater, I hope you're reading this and taking notes) but we were really glad to finally be home when some of this work was taking place! The guys worked very quickly and did a great job.

Now we are waiting on the inspector to come and look at the trenches that were dug out for the pipes. (Next step after that? Concrete decking! We're almost there!!!)

On Sunday I celebrated All Saints Day and my late grandfather's birthday by baking a Sugared Pecan Topped Pumpkin Pie.

"You want a piece of me? Well, do ya punk?" Why, yes. Yes, I do. 

It was my first successful pumpkin pie ever - and it was using fresh pumpkin puree from our garden. I was so darn proud of myself! The recipe came from a Washington Post pie making contest...Hmmm, wonder if I could still find the receipe online...Oh man, gotta love the internet. Here you go. Trust me, you'll thank me later. (You're welcome.)

I also used the pumpkin puree to make another Real Simple recipe - Pumpkin Leek Soup. I'd already processed all of our pumpkins and OF COURSE Giant didn't have any non-canned pumpkins left in the store (um, duh - it's the day after Halloween - why else would you need a pumpkin?) so I used butternut squash for the solid gourd portion of this recipe. It turned out well - in fact, I just had some for lunch. For the second day in a row. And I have two more servings at home.  (Can I mail anyone some soup?)

Shortly, I'm going to go wash the soup down with some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream (for the first time ever!) to celebrate my very recent promotion at work with a few co-workers. As much as work may stress me out, life really is good, isn't it?!